Moshi Sushi


Moshi Sushi • 2152 East Main Street, Bexley, Ohio 43209
(614) 732-0641

Moshi Sushi is the collaboration between Bexley resident Moshe Mizrachi and father and son of master sushi chefs, Song and David Kim. Mizrachi was tired of schlepping all over town to eat sushi, and Song and David Kim were itching to open up their own place to showcase their unique style of sushi making. Together, they have created a restaurant that offers a hip, fun, and lively atmosphere with great sushi right in Bexley.  Being the home of the Sushi Panini "The innovative combination of walnut/panko crusted patties (choice of spicy tuna, spicy crab, fresh salmon), avocado and delicious sweet sauce", the food at Moshi Sushi is quite unique. Besides the standard favorite sushi fare, Song and David Kim recall their almost 35 years of joint experience to produce something they describe as, 'sushi with love and care.'"We want to offer Columbus something they have not experienced before, such as new, fun, and contemporary rolls, like our 'Italy meets Japan roll', featuring tuna, spicy tomato mayo, shitake mushrooms, and mozarella cheese. In addition, Kim has introduced ingredients that he claims few if any sushi restaurants use such as truffle oil and caviar. Kim is also introducing some new well-being dishes popular to the West Coast that have not yet reached Columbus, such as Shabu Shabu, a savory dish prepared on the table in a simmering pot of kelp based broth with ingredients such as thinly sliced meat and vegetables and served with tofu, Japanese cabbage, shitake mushrooms and noodles.Moshi Sushi welcomes you to come in and enjoy an evening that will delight all your senses with their beautiful and delectable sushi.