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Exciting happenings are coming to Bexley and Central Ohio.  Bexley has been chosen by the Ohio Humanities Council to host a 2013 Ohio Chautauqua The Ohio Chautauqua in Bexley will be held July 16 - 20 and is a five·day event that combines living history, music, entertainment, education, theater and audience interaction in an exciting cultural event. The 2013 event, "When Ohio was the Western Frontier," covering the time period from 1790 to about 1850, will be staged from the front lawn of Capital University on Main Street, with adult and youth workshops in several locations throughout Bexley. Bexley is the only community in Central Ohio holding a Chautauqua in 2013.

The original tent Chautauqua's were traveling groups that operated in the United States from 1903 to 1930. They moved from town to town giving a program of lectures, concerts, and recitals in a large tent. These traveling groups brought shows of mixed quality to the people in rural areas.  The first Chautauqua in Bexley was held on May 7, 1978 as a celebration of Bexley's 70th birthday. The purpose for the event that took place in 1978 at the Jeffrey Mansion holds true for the event that will take place on Main Street in 2013:

  • To promote civic pride with an understand ing and appreciation for our past heritage our present advantages and direct projects for an even better future.
  • To coordinate and promote present cultural. educational, and religious activities of all groups in our community and cooperatively instigate new ones where needed.
  • To draw families and our whole community closer together in a fun-filled and enriching experience.

A strong steering committee representing various local organizations has come together to further enhance our community's interests and support for our cultural, educational, and religious heritage. The Ohio Chautauqua gives Bexley the opportunity to attract new visitors, work together to showcase our businesses, cultural and educational organizations, and to celebrate our history and our future together.

The Steering Committee and Partnering Organizations:
Capital University, Bexley Public library. The City of Bexley. The Bexley Community Foundation. The Bexley Historical Society, The Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce. The Jewish Communrty Center of Greater Columbus. the Bexley Recreat ion and Parks Department In addition. there will be representatives of the Bexley educational institutions and Bexley religious organizations joining this group.

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