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It goes without saying that Bexley is a green community--we're a Tree City USA with a mature canopy and active Tree Commission and Arboretum. In fact, Bexley is the first City in the world (as far as we know) to be designated an arboretum.

We've developed a Tree Walk, featuring some of the many tree species in Bexley.  We're working on adding more species to our tree walk/specimen map, and hope to have all arboretum species marked and mapped in 2015. Click on the map below to use our interactive guide! 

In March of 2013, the City of Bexley was accredited as an arboretum by the Morton Register of Arboreta, making it the first City in the United States to successfully obtain arboretum accreditation.  For nearly 25 years the City of Bexley has been a participant in the Tree City USA program, carefully compiling a catalogue of the over 14,000 trees that are managed by the Bexley City forester within the City's right-of-ways and public parks.  

Next steps for the City will include developing a more formalized educational component to the Bexley Arboretum and continuing to curate the City's extensive collection of over 100 unique tree species.

Upcoming Events

Sawmill Workshop

The city will be hosting a sawmill workshop on Saturday October 25 at Jeffrey Mansion. Find out how relatively easy it is, to set-up a portable sawmill, then be ready to start milling in 30 to 40 minutes, urban or rural – its do-able!

Ohio Tree Climbing Championship

The city will be hosting the 2014 Ohio Tree climbing Championship on Saturday December 13 (dawn) at Jeffrey Mansion. Contestants will compete in five preliminary events to qualify as one of the top contestants to earn the right to advance to the championship round – the Masters’ Challenge. The preliminary events include Secured Footlock, Belayed Speed Climb, Aerial Rescue, Work Climb and Throwline. The first place winners for both the men's and women's divisions will each receive the 2014 ArborMaster Climbing Prize Package and represent the Ohio Chapter at International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) in Tampa, FL in March 2015.  To represent the Ohio Chapter at the ITCC, the first place winners must have completed three (3) of the five (5) preliminary events within the maximum allotted time and advanced to the championship round. 

Bexley Arboretum FAQ:

How many trees are catalogued in the Bexley Arboretum?
The City maintains a catalogue of over 14,000 trees within the City right-of-way.  This does not include trees in City parks, which have not been catlaogued.

How many species of tree are there in the Bexley Arboretum?
Currently, 131 unique species of tree are catalogued.